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Technology and Transparency:

ReUnite Rx understands the importance of balancing the needs of all constituents to its programs. For patients, ReUnite Rx is committed to delivering meaningful discounts for the products it supports, as well as improving the overall continuity of care through its technological offerings.

For physicians and pharmacies, the ReUnite Rx mobile device application will enable better communication between the providers of care. In addition, our application solutions will allow for improved correspondence with the patient.

Lastly, participating drug manufacturers will benefit from an absolute, transparent accounting of its invested resources, ensuring that 100% of manufacturer rebates are dispersed for the benefit of the end user.

ReUnite Rx partners with drug manufacturers and fertility specialty pharmacies to help increase access to fertility care for patients in the United States.

Data-Driven Analysis

We are a multi-disciplinary healthcare technology company focused and committed to driving innovation and affordability for all patients and stakeholders in the delivery of Fertility Healthcare. ReUnite discount programs include the following drugs:

  • Follistim AQ Cartridge – Follistim AQ is a prescription medicine that contains follicle-stimulating hormone

  • Ganirelix Acetate Injection – Ganirelix Acetate Injection is indicated for the inhibition of premature luteinizing hormone

  • Pregnyl – Pregnyl is indicated for the induction of ovulation

The ReUnite Assist program provides discounts off of specific fertility drugs for eligible patients. Patients will receive an email after completing their online application with instructions on their discount savings and additional program details.



ReUnite Rx has partnered with some of the best fertility specialty pharmacies in the market.



ReUnite Rx helps to reduce the cost of fertility drugs for patients undergoing fertility treatment.



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We are a multi-disciplinary healthcare technology company committed to driving innovation and results in the industry.