Calendar Builder

  • The goal of ReUnite Calendar Builder is to improve the workflow of a fertility clinic while enhancing the patient experience during their fertility journey.
  • The ReUnite Calendar Builder is a technology solution that was created to help fertility clinics assist their patients through fertility treatments.
  • ReUnite Calendar Builder allows fertility nurses to create treatment calendars that can be sent to patients electronically and sync with their smart phones.
  • Fertility treatment calendars include all medications, appointments and procedures.
  • Currently, ReUnite has launched a pilot program for clinics interested in beta testing the ReUnite Calendar Builder. If you would like to participate, please call our ReUnite office at 844-385-5403.
  • The ReUnite Calendar Builder is completely free for clinics and patients to use.
  • The ReUnite Calendar Builder is completely free for clinics and patients to use.
  • Please call our ReUnite office at 844-385-5403 to get started.
  • Getting a clinic account for the ReUnite Calendar Builder is very easy. We will first need to setup a conference call to do an instructional demonstration with our team. Then we will be able to provide you with a username and account for your clinic.
  • In order to get started, please call ReUnite office at 844-385-5403.
  • Please contact the ReUnite office at 844-385-5403 at any time and ask to speak with our nursing team to assist with your questions.
  • ReUnite does not provide medical advice to patients, however if they have questions regarding how to use their mobile app or downloading their fertility calendar, please have them call ReUnite at 844-385-5403.
  • By downloading the ReUnite Fertility App, patients get their calendar 3 ways
    • Using the QR code scanner.
    • Send via email.
    • Send via SMS text message.


  • If a patient does not want to download the mobile app, simply print a paper version for them to use.
  • If a patient is unable to download the app using their QR code, you can first try reprinting the calendar to make sure that the QR code is not distorted. Also, please make sure that the date of birth entered by the clinic while building the calendar, and the patient DOB entered while registering for the mobile app are the same.
  • If you continue to have difficulty with getting the calendar onto the patient’s phone, please call the ReUnite office at 844-385-5403.
  • Your clinic administrator may have your username or contact ReUnite at 844-385-5403.
  • There is a forgot password option under the initial log in screen.
  • Once in the calendar builder, in the upper right hand corner there is a drop down menu with a change password option.
  • There are universal templates or options to create your own calendar.
  • If you would like to create your own template to be used under your username, contact us at 844-385-5403 and we will get it set up for you.
  • There is a free text option to add any medication, appointment or procedure you would like.
  • Double clicking on any entry within the calendar will allow you to edit.
  • Pharmacies will be populated under the create calendar tab once they have been selected within the manage pharmacy list on homepage.
  • Yes. Your colleague’s calendars will be listed at the bottom of your calendar builder homepage under clinic calendars.
  • After being provided a username, you will receive an email to create a password. Once you are logged in, a create calendar option will be available.

ReUnite Fertility app

  • The ReUnite app is available for free download on the App Store or Google Play.
  • My Profile
    • Enter users information.


  • Videos
    • Medication injection instruction videos.


  • Past Calendars
    • View all past treatment calendars.


  • Current Calendar
    • View current treatment calendar.
    • QR code scanner to easily download current calendar.


  • Financial Assistance
    • Apply for ReUnite Assist financial assistance program.


  • Due Date Calculator
    • Calculate your due date based on your IVF treatment.


  • Make sure your date of birth is correct under profile.
  • Check with your provider to make sure the date of birth on calendar is correct.
  • There is a forgot password option listed on the log in page.
  • Enter email address and your password reset instructions will be sent to you.
  • There is a help and support option in the dropdown menu in the app.
  • Call our office for assistance 844-385-5403.


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