Planning Your Travels Around A Pregnancy

Travel can be a rewarding experience at any time, especially right before starting a family. A babymoon, similar to a honeymoon, is a vacation taken before the birth of a new baby. Planning trips before the baby is born, however, can get tricky. For the best travel experience, couples can follow a few simple tips to travel while trying to get pregnant.

Reunite Rx 4 Tips For Planning Travel While Trying To Get Pregnant

1. Plan big trips well before the pregnancy

Trying to plan a pregnancy is nearly impossible. For couples who want to plan a big trip or visit multiple countries at once, trying to get pregnant needs to be off the table. Pregnancy can delay or hinder travel plans and restrict couples from certain activities.

2. Book refundable tickets

Couples who want to take the minor risk of planning travel while trying to get pregnant should book refundable flights and hotels. Couples should look for low or no cancel fees, if available. Refundable tickets allow couples to avoid a significant financial loss in case of a pregnancy.

3. Plan ahead

Instead of planning a trip for a year down the road, couples should look into booking flights that are sooner. Booking just 3-6 months ahead can ensure couples can still go on the trip even if the pregnancy occurs shortly after booking. Easygoing excursions can work well, but certain activities may be off-limits if couples are traveling while pregnant.

4. Buy travel insurance

In most cases, trips will be nonrefundable. Specific travel insurance can cover cancellation due to pregnancy. Travel insurance can also protect couples while abroad in case a person needs to see a doctor.

Consider travel method and destination

For couples who are planning a trip while trying to get pregnant, different factors must be considered depending on the travel method and destination. Couples should consider immunizations when visiting certain countries and drink bottled water to stay safe.

Planning a successful babymoon

Planning a vacation while trying to get pregnant can be emotionally rewarding for soon-to-be parents. Setting a realistic budget and carefully planning the trip beforehand can help couples avoid the many hazards of traveling while pregnant. For specific questions regarding pregnancy and travel, speak with a healthcare provider.

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