Boosting Your Chances Of Success

Infertility is an emotional journey. Couples going through in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment often look for ways to boost the chances of success. Some natural remedies can improve the IVF process. Some of these include acupuncture, yoga, and meditation.

ReUnite Rx Acupuncture Yoga Meditation Natural Ways To Boost IVF Success

Benefits of acupuncture

According to some research, acupuncture can increase the chances of IVF success. One study found that women who had acupuncture treatment had a 65% higher chance of getting pregnant and doubled chances of having a live birth. Though studies are still ongoing, many women have experienced positive results from this form of alternative therapy.

What to expect from acupuncture

Acupuncture is based on ancient techniques that stimulate specific points on the skin. These points typically have a high concentration of nerve endings that trigger responses in the body. When an acupuncturist inserts a needle into one of these points, the goal is to stimulate that receptor to regulate specific body processes. Acupuncture often works with stimulating neurotransmitters and endorphins. The practice is praised for the effects on mood, inflammation, easing muscle spasms, and immune system support.

Yoga may also help

Yoga may also boost IVF success rates. In one study, women who practiced yoga before the embryo transfer had a 63% chance of pregnancy. This is in contrast to the women who did not participate in yoga sessions and only had a 43% chance of conceiving.

What to expect from yoga

The practice of yoga boasts a variety of benefits, from physical health to emotional and mental health. Some researchers hypothesize that the primary benefit of yoga in IVF treatment is stress reduction. Women undergoing IVF treatment can practice simple stretches and breathing exercises to improve their chances of conception.

Practice mindfulness

Lowering stress levels has significant benefits during the IVF treatment process. One study tracked women who engaged in a mindfulness practice while going through fertility treatments. By the end of the study, these women all had increased self-compassion, coping strategies for stress, and a significant decrease in anxiety.

What to expect from meditation

Meditation is more than relaxing, although the practice does have stress-relieving benefits. In meditation practice, people learn to focus on being fully present in each moment. This practice can reduce anxiety, improve sleep, and provide a sense of calm.

Stack the cards in your favor

Couples who are going through IVF treatments can take specific steps to improve the chances of success. This includes overall healthy lifestyle habits, such as eating a nutritious diet and exercising regularly. Alternative therapies such as yoga, acupuncture, and meditation can also help. For more recommendations, consult with a fertility specialist.

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