What Is Implantation?

Women who have gone through fertility treatments probably know what the word implantation means. After sperm fertilizes an egg, those cells have to attach to the woman’s uterine wall for pregnancy to occur. This process is called implantation. If implantation does not occur, the uterine lining sheds and a woman has a period. After fertility treatment such as in vitro fertilization (IVF), women may feel antsy before that first pregnancy test. Consider these early signs of successful implantation.

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Can bleeding be a sign?

This might be counterintuitive because many women associate bleeding with having a period. And, of course, having a period means that implantation has not occurred. However, up to 25% of women experience some light spotting known as implantation bleeding. This bleeding is more likely to be lighter in color and more of a spotting than the heavy blood flow that women associate with having a period.

Bloating and nausea

When a woman’s progesterone increases, the digestive system slows down. The result can be a feeling of bloat and discomfort. Additionally, these rising progesterone levels can also make women feel nauseated. When women get pregnant, sensitivity to smells can also increase, which can contribute to nausea.

Breast tenderness and mood swings

Most women understand that pregnancy causes drastic hormonal changes. After implantation, women’s hormones change rapidly. For many people, this can cause breast soreness and even swelling. These rapid hormonal changes can also contribute to abrupt mood changes or feeling emotional.

Changes in discharge

Many women who are trying to get pregnant already monitor cervical mucus. After an embryo transfer, women may notice cervical mucus changes. In the days of early pregnancy, rising estrogen and progesterone can cause many women to have discharge that is thicker and white or yellow. However, many factors can contribute to cervical mucus changes, so women shouldn’t rely on this symptom alone as a sign of pregnancy.

Period vs implantation

Unfortunately, many of the early symptoms of pregnancy are also period symptoms. This is because both pregnancy and the menstrual cycle can cause hormone fluctuations. For this reason, taking a pregnancy test is the best method for knowing if a woman is pregnant.

Living through the two-week wait

After embryo transfer, women can get impatient waiting the 2 weeks before finding out if implantation was successful. Try to lower stress by exercising moderately, journaling, or meditating. For more information about fertility and fertility treatment options, speak with a healthcare provider.

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