Can A Supplement Tip The Fertility Scales?

Imagine having a life goal of starting a family. Then, for months, getting pregnant seems to be impossible. About 12% of couples face fertility problems every year and need a pregnancy boost. Antioxidant supplements often come up as a solution to pregnancy problems. But do these supplements work?

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A radical threat to your reproductive health

Why antioxidant supplements? The body endures environmental, physical, and even psychological damage every day. These obstacles create destructive cells called free radicals in the body. While some are useful, excess free radicals damage the body. Free radical damage leads to oxidative stress, which can affect fertility. In response, the body needs antioxidants to minimize free radicals. Here are some essential antioxidants that may help fertility.

Low Vitamin E means high cell damage

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that manages oxidative stress in fat. The vitamin is also crucial for immune health and cell regeneration. Studies show vitamin E supplements improved womenís overall fertility. Men with low levels of vitamin E also had poor sperm health.

Vitamin C for more than colds

Vitamin C is the most prevalent antioxidant around. The vitamin helps manage the immune system and prevent cell damage. However, some research shows that there is a relation to fertility. Women and men with higher levels of Vitamin C had better follicle health and sperm health.

Step up your selenium

Selenium is a relatively unknown antioxidant. The mineral helps with thyroid function and the immune system. However, selenium is critical to managing free radicals. By reducing oxidative stress, selenium reduces the chances of cancers, heart disease, and mental health. With fertility, selenium helps with egg production and supports a healthy fetus.

A little more zip with zinc

Although needed in small supply, zinc is an essential mineral for men and women. The trace element is also considered an antioxidant. From immune system health to wound healing, everyone benefits from a boost. Fertility research shows that zinc balances hormones and follicle production. Zinc is an especially big boost for men. A deficiency can mean a lower sperm count and quality.

Ready for a pregnancy boost?

These are just some of the supplements that can help improve fertility chances. Of course, nothing will beat a visit to a fertility specialist. This doctor will assess the reproductive health of all persons involved and provide an action plan. Antioxidants wonít guarantee pregnancy, but consistent use can improve some significant fertility factors. Make sure to take the most potent supplements today.

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