Stopped By Secondary Infertility

Ready for another baby? Getting pregnant with a second child should be as easy as the first. But for some couples, having a second child is near impossible. Secondary infertility is a common condition. This is where someone with a child is unable to have another baby after 6 or more months of trying. Secondary infertility affects more than 3 million women and men.

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What causes secondary infertility?

Several physical and chemical factors must align in the body to have a baby. For men, there must be near perfect hormonal balance for healthy sperm quantity and quality. Women have even more issues to consider. These include hormonal considerations, diseases like PID, or conditions like endometriosis. A lot can happen between pregnancies. What was once a non-issue can develop into secondary infertility. Over the years, a range of treatments, including IUI and IVF, have improved the chances of pregnancy. However, before going through these invasive, and sometimes expensive, options, several natural treatments may help.

Double down on your diet

Without a doubt, a dietary change is one of the most common natural fertility treatments. Several food groups can negatively affect pregnancy. Fatty foods, grains, red meat, and processed sugars can increase estrogen or decrease testosterone, affecting fertility. A healthier diet filled with organic greens, B-vitamins, omega-3s, and vitamin E can improve reproductive health.

Switch up your lifestyle

Simple changes to everyday life can be the much-needed boost to conceive. Stress, for instance, affects 1 in 3 and is the source of many health conditions, including trouble getting pregnant. Studies suggest stressed women are twice as likely to have infertility issues. Stressed persons are likely to consume more alcohol. Excess alcohol affects the reproductive health of women and men. Find ways to kill stress and get help to reduce alcohol consumption. Complete a life assessment and remove or reduce any serious stressors. Work on adding natural stress-relieving techniques like meditation, proper sleep, and yoga.

Can baby weight prevent baby #2?

Maintaining a healthy weight can be a natural treatment for secondary infertility. Excess fat can affect the pituitary gland, which is responsible for reproductive hormones. Obesity also causes insulin resistance, which can change testosterone production in men and ovarian function in women. As little as a 5-10% loss in body weight can improve reproductive health.

More than scary needles

Despite the naysayers, acupuncture may be an effective, natural method to deal with secondary infertility. Acupuncture forms part of traditional Chinese medicine. The procedure involves a trained acupuncturist inserting needles at various depths into the body. Acupuncture is mainly used to reduce pain and inflammation. However, the process has been used to improve fertility. Some studies show an increase in pregnancy rates. In one study, there was also a 50% improvement in conception after 3 months of treatment. While more data is needed, acupuncture could improve overall health and wellness, which can be useful for fertility.

Stock up on supplements

While there is no concrete evidence that supplements can reverse infertility, taking supplements helps with overall health and wellness. Some supplements can support the processes the body depends on for healthy fertility. These supplements can control hormones, boost virility, and promote reproductive health. B-complex, vitamin C, vitamin A, omega-3s, evening primrose, and chasteberry extract are great fertility-boosting supplements.

You deserve a second chance

Secondary infertility can be a stressful and emotional process. Speak with a doctor if pregnancy is not happening after months of trying. The doctor will work on finding the cause and suggest natural treatment to improve the success rate of pregnancy.

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