Does Healthy Sperm Improve The Chances Of Pregnancy?

Over the last 4 decades, sperm quality in men has halved. This evidence is supported by infertility rates, where men are as likely to be infertile as women. When men think of healthy sperm, a high sperm count comes to mind. Sperm count is important, but so are motility and morphology. These markers are often overlooked and can be a difference-maker if improved.

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Why does motility matter?

For sperm to successfully fertilize the egg, there must be healthy sperm motility and morphology. Sperm motility refers to movement, particularly the swimming ability of sperm. Motile sperm moves from the vaginal canal to the fallopian tubes. At least 40% of the sperm should be moving in each sample. The sperm must also move in a forward, progressive direction. Both results must be visible in a sperm sample under a microscope.

Should you be worried about morphology?

Sperm morphology refers to the shape. Under a microscope, all sperm would not look the same. However, scientists expect at least half the sperm should have a predictable form. Normal-shaped sperm have a smooth, oval-shaped head. Additionally, other parts of the middle or tail should not be abnormally shaped. Scientists have not yet discovered an evident reason why shape matters. However, men with better morphology are more likely to conceive, and poor sperm shape often results in infertility.

Boosting speed and shape

Sperm motility and morphology are 2 of several factors that impact fertility. For men struggling to conceive, improving sperm health must take priority. There is a chance to target sperm speed and shape by improving overall health. Start with adopting a healthy diet and exercise. Reducing trans fats and processed foods can positively impact sperm health. Excess dairy intake also causes poor morphology. Weight training and avoiding sedentary habits can also improve sperm speed and shape.

Avoiding environmental and lifestyle triggers

Today’s man has more environmental triggers and endocrine disruptors than ever. These harmful pollutants change hormone levels, which in turn impacts sperm health. For instance, heavy metals, radiation, pesticides, and bisphenol-A impact hormones that make healthy sperm. Avoiding all contaminants is impossible. Start by reducing plastic use, sourcing organic foods, and avoiding heavy metals. Studies also show that smoking and excess alcohol leads to poor sperm morphology. Quitting these behaviors may improve sperm health over time.

Consider supplementation or treatment

If hormone levels are hurting sperm quality, doctors may recommend medication. These hormone replacements can improve FSH and hCG levels, improving sperm health. Some supplements can help with sperm morphology and motility. For instance, studies show that selenium improves sperm shape and speed in over 50% of men. Speak with a pharmacist or fertility specialist for the most effective treatment.

Sperm health starts with you

Sperm count without proper motility or morphology makes conception difficult. Each marker plays an essential part in overall sperm health. Men struggling with fertility must engage a urologist or reproductive specialist. These experts can pinpoint any issues with sperm health. From there, the right behaviors can lead to a healthy baby.

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