Is Diabetes Affecting Your Fertility?

Diabetes is a common but serious metabolic disease that affects millions of Americans. What many fail to realize is that diabetes can also affect fertility. Research shows that men with diabetes have complications with fertility. Research also shows that diabetes is more prevalent in males than in females. More and more men should be tested for diabetes, as the condition could be linked to infertility. And by managing diabetes, men can even increase the chances of conception.

reunite rx How Does Diabetes Affect Male Fertility 3 Tips For Diabetes Management

Diabetes and its effect on the body

Persons with diabetes have abnormally high blood sugar. The hormone insulin manages the amount of glucose in the blood. Persons with diabetes are unable to create or use insulin effectively. This can lead to a range of symptoms like fatigue, fluctuations in weight, frequent urination, and more. Diabetes can also lead to severe complications like heart attack, stroke, vision loss, and even dementia. Men, in particular, will have lower testosterone levels. Try these 3 helpful diabetes management tips to increase the chances of fertility.

1. Know your numbers

As the saying goes, what gets measured, gets managed. Make sure to know the numbers that affect everyday health. Knowing the numbers reduces the chances of complications like heart disease and lower fertility levels. For starters, find out blood sugar levels by taking an A1C blood test. This test measures average blood sugar over the last 3 months. Other important measurements include cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Tracking progress will help men take the necessary medication and be more invested in managing the disease.

2. Eat your way to fertility

A proper diet is critical for diabetes management. Poor diet increases blood sugar levels and decreases the body’s ability to affect fertility. Close to 90% of people with diabetes are also overweight. So what can men do on the plate to manage diabetes? Try a proper diet that includes foods low in fats, calories, and salt. Men should also increase healthy fruits, vegetables, and water intake. Some foods naturally increase male fertility, like nuts, seeds, oysters, and leafy greens. Speak with a doctor or dietitian for a detailed meal plan. And remember to stay consistent.

3. Make effective lifestyle choices

Diet can help, but making critical lifestyle choices takes things to a new level. Exercise is crucial, for instance. A lack of exercise can decrease the body’s ability to process insulin. Furthermore, exercise, like weight training, naturally increases androgen production like testosterone. Along with exercise, stop other harmful lifestyle choices like smoking and drinking too much alcohol. With consistent, positive choices, overall health and fertility can improve.

Take action for better fertility

Diabetes can be serious if left untreated. The disease also impacts fertility in men, affecting the ability to produce the right amount of hormones. Unfortunately, millions of men are undiagnosed. Speak with a healthcare provider about treatments and techniques to help with fertility.

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