Healthy Mind For IVF

When undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF), mental health is just as important as physical health. Fertility treatment can be stressful, but healthy practices such as meditation and yoga can help keep cortisol levels down and increase the overall chances of success. Before proceeding with an IVF cycle, consider integrating the following practices into a daily routine.


Meditation for grounding

Many people quickly dismiss meditation as something that’s just for hippies, but in recent years, the practice has grown in popularity. From people who have high-stress jobs to parents, meditation can benefit almost any individual. Meditation focuses on increasing awareness and gaining a new sense of perspective. People new to the practice can start with as little as 5 minutes daily and slowly increase the time spent meditating. Find a relaxing space, sit quietly, and allow thoughts to come and go. Focus on deep breathing while meditating. A consistent meditation practice can lower stress, decrease anxiety, and improve sleep.

Breathe in, breathe out for baby

Any individual who has dabbled in yoga knows the practice can increase flexibility, calm the body, and reduce stress. During IVF, a consistent yoga practice can be especially beneficial. Research shows that women who practice yoga while undergoing fertility treatment are more likely to see an improved pregnancy rate. Let the instructor know about any current fertility treatments, so poses can be modified accordingly. Breathe in, breathe out, and enjoy the many benefits of yoga.

Manage stress

Couples undergoing IVF can experience many forms of stress. Financial concerns, fears about medical procedures, uncertainty about success rates, and numerous appointments can all add up. Managing stress in other areas of life can help make the IVF process feel less daunting. Opening up to co-workers and managers about IVF can make leaving work frequently feel less stressful. With knowledge, work associates can offer support instead of judgment. At home, consider offloading any non-essential tasks. Can a neighbor help with grocery pick-up? Is ordering food instead of cooking a possibility? Can a partner keep on top of the laundry? Any stress reduction can benefit the individual undergoing IVF and should be a priority.

Lean on friends and family

A strong social support network is another essential tool during IVF. Friends and family can help keep stress levels low for the individual undergoing fertility treatment. Whether serving as a hand to hold during a blood draw, a last-minute babysitter for older children, or just by lending an ear, social support is so important for any woman or couple undergoing IVF.

Stay positive during IVF

Meditation, yoga, and stress management can make a world of difference for women undergoing IVF. Make time to consistently practice for the best results. With sufficient attention to mental health, IVF can be viewed as a positive experience that will hopefully bring the woman or couple a step closer to having a happy, healthy baby.

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