Should You Get Tested For Infertility?

Planning a family can be one of the most exciting times for a couple. Preparation can keep babies healthy and lower the risk of congenital health issues. Proactive measures can increase the likelihood of conception and reduce the risk of complications during pregnancy. In some cases, doctors may recommend early fertility testing for the best results.

reunite rx Planning A Family 3 Reasons Your Doctor Wants Early Fertility Testing

1. Age

Women between the age of 18-30 don’t usually need fertility testing. After 30, however, the chance of having a baby naturally decreases with every year. After 35, the rate drops rapidly. Regardless of fertility issues, women over the age of 30 should consider early fertility testing before planning a family to diagnose age-related infertility.

2. Family history

A family history of premature menopause, endometriosis, or ovulation issues can be the cause of fertility issues. Men may also experience fertility issues due to genetics. While most conditions aren’t inherited, getting early fertility testing can rule out any underlying issues. Genetic testing can reduce the risk of passing on a disease to the baby.

3. Lifestyle factors

Lifestyle factors such as smoking or having an unhealthy body weight can contribute to fertility issues. Excessive alcohol or drug use can also impact the ability to conceive. While lifestyle changes can improve the chances to conceive, early fertility testing can rule out issues caused by unhealthy habits.

What happens during a fertility test?

At-home tests can help couples test for fertility but don’t provide the most reliable results. A doctor can perform a blood test to check hormone levels. For women, these levels can indicate ovarian health and how many eggs are present. An endometrial biopsy can check for abnormalities. A semen analysis can check for sperm quality.

How to treat infertility

Infertility isn’t the final answer. A variety of methods can be used to treat infertility. In vitro fertilization (IVF) is the most popular treatment option in which eggs are fertilized outside the uterus before being placed inside. Treatment options vary based on the fertility issue. Couples should consult a fertility specialist to determine a personalized fertility plan.

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