Survival Guide For Another Negative Pregnancy Test

Dealing with the dreaded moment when the pregnancy test is showing a negative result…again is hard. Try not to dwell on negative feelings such as anger and disappointment. Sometimes pregnancy can be a lengthy process. But it’s important to remember that it’s worth it in the end. Here are some tips for moving forward.

ReUnite Rx Riding The Avalanche Dealing With Another Negative Pregnancy Test

Plan ahead

Planning for the next step can make it easier to get through the disappointment. Planning can help to provide hope and solace. For example, if this the sixth negative test, talk to a gynecologist, or find out more about IVF.

Talk to a friend

Having a support network of trusted friends who will understand these feelings can be very helpful. Telling friends before taking the test will let them know they may be needed. Sometimes it’s easier to express disappointment to a friend rather than a spouse or partner, because of the emotions involved.

Stay realistic

Don’t forget that it can take between nine and twelve months to conceive. Consider talking to a doctor about getting fertility tests. Learn more about the options for testing and for fertility treatments in case they may help.

Consider a break

Taking the pressure off for a month or two can give couples a chance to de-stress and regenerate emotional strength. The journey to pregnancy can deplete both emotional strength and physical energy. Sometimes, not trying so hard can even result in a positive test.

Stay connected with your partner

Some women feel angry with their partner or spouse and may want to blame them. Your partner is probably just as disappointed. Facing the heartache as a couple will help prepare for the next attempt at getting pregnant. Spend some quiet time together and nurture each other.

Stop and smell the roses

Take some time out to be thankful for the little things like good health, a strong relationship, and great friends. Hold on to hope. Take advantage of distractions like a good book, a funny movie, dinner in a new restaurant, or a different yoga class. Couples who have been trying for a year or more to conceive often find the positive result they are looking or by seeking fertility treatment.

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