What Is Micro-TESE?

Micro-TESE is recommended for men who little to no sperm. This condition is known as non-obstructive azoospermia and is a very common cause of male infertility. Micro-TESE is a suitable procedure for men who have this condition and have had a sperm test which shows an adequate level of testosterone. Doctors are able to find sperm around 70% of the time when this procedure is used.

ReUnite Rx Understanding Micro-TESE | Microscopic Testicular Sperm Extraction

Understanding micro-TESE

Microscopic testicular sperm extraction is used to harvest sperm from a man’s testicular tissue. Micro-TESE is suitable for men who are unable to ejaculate healthy sperm but wish to father a child. The aim of micro-TESE is to obtain enough healthy sperm to fertilize a woman’s egg while minimizing damage to the male reproductive organs.

What happens during micro-TESE?

The procedure is performed by a urologist who makes a small incision in the testicle and removes a small amount of tissue. The sample is then examined under a microscope. If sperm is found in the tissue sample, it can be used straight away to fertilize an egg or stored using cryopreservation for future use.

Micro-TESE is usually performed in an operating theatre under general anesthesia. After a single incision, the doctor uses a microscope to find the tubules in the testes. After the tissue sample is removed, the incision is stitched using dissolvable stitches. The patient can return home on the same day as the procedure.

Micro-TESE: possible complications

As with any surgery, possible risks of this procedure include infection, bleeding, and pain. Damage to the testes is rare during this procedure. Micro-TESE is an excellent alternative using donor sperm and will allow a man with low sperm to father a child.

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