Can My Diet Help Me Get Pregnant?

An overall healthy lifestyle can boost a person’s fertility, including what a person eats. Diets high in whole grains, vegetables, and unsaturated fats can be particularly helpful when trying to get pregnant. Consider eating these foods to boost fertility naturally.

What Should I Eat To Get Pregnant? How Diet Impacts Fertility

Choose full-fat

In today’s diet culture, many are encouraged to follow diets that limit fat intake. However, when choosing cheese, yogurt, and milk, research has shown that opting for full-fat is better for fertility. One study found that women who get at least one serving per day of full-fat dairy products are 27% less likely to deal with infertility.

Consider your protein sources

Lean protein is a crucial component of any healthy diet. This includes adequate intake of poultry, fish, and small amounts of lean red meat. People should also consider adding vegetarian protein sources to the mix, in the form of beans, nuts, and seeds. Research has found that people who follow a diet where at least 5% of protein intake is from vegetarian sources have a 50% decreased risk of infertility.

Antioxidants are your best friend

Getting enough antioxidants is crucial to improving fertility. A recent study in which men took 1,000mg vitamin C supplements twice a day more than doubled sperm count. Vitamin C was also shown to increase sperm motility by 92%. Research also has shown that couples who boost antioxidant intake during in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment have almost a 23% higher chance of getting pregnant.

What about male fertility?

One food that many don’t always think about is sunflower seeds. These seeds are full of vitamin E, folate, zinc, and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Specifically, eating sunflower seeds is linked to increased sperm motility and count. Additionally, getting enough zinc can boost male fertility and offset the adverse effects of too much high-intensity exercise.

Understand the complexity of carbs

Refined carbs such as pastries, white bread, and sugary snack bars cause a spike in insulin and are harder to digest. When insulin spikes, people can experience interference in hormone regulation, making getting pregnant more challenging. Instead of reaching for sugary treats, choose complex carbs like whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.

Change your diet today

Couples who want to expand a family can start today with boosting fertility. Changing the diet and implementing other healthy lifestyle habits can be beneficial. Besides choosing the right foods, aim to reduce stress, get adequate sleep, and exercise regularly. For more information about boosting fertility, speak with a healthcare provider or fertility specialist.

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