The Cool Reasons For Egg Freezing

Thinking about putting pregnancy on ice? More women and couples are turning to egg freezing as a way to get pregnant at a later date. Egg freezing continues to rise in popularity with improving success rates. However, willingly choosing to delay pregnancy is not the only reason to bank on egg freezing. Health issues like ovarian cysts and endometriosis may be a reason to opt for egg freezing.

ReUnite Rx 3 Reasons To Consider Egg Freezing Age Endometriosis And Ovarian Cysts

How the process works

Egg freezing involves saving eggs for future use. Women start by taking fertility drugs to produce enough eggs for extraction. Then, using cryopreservation, clinics freeze mature eggs for fertilization at a later date. In fact, eggs can last for years under ice. Egg freezing can be a useful step in the in vitro fertilization (IVF) process. IVF helps infertile couples by extracting eggs from the ovaries and fertilizing before implanting into the womb. Extra eggs can be put on ice in the event that the first course of IVF fails.

1. It’s easier to wait to get pregnant

More and more couples are deciding on starting a family at a later age. In fact, the median age of pregnant women increased almost 3 years between 2000-2014. But the increase in median age means an increase in infertility rates. Studies show women experience fertility decline as early as age 30. From age 37 onwards, the success rate of pregnancy decreases. With egg freezing, women can save high-quality eggs at a younger age to use at a later time. Using IVF, clinics thaw, fertilize with sperm, and implant eggs. For women with no fertility issues, a personal choice could dictate having a baby later in life.

2.Getting pregnant with endometriosis

Reproductive issues like endometriosis affect the fertility of about 10% of American women. With endometriosis, the tissue usually found inside the uterus emerges outside instead. These growths cause inflammation and blockages in the uterus. As a result, endometriosis can cause heavy bleeding, pain, and infertility. Pregnancy is still possible with endometriosis. As tissue blocks the fallopian tubes, using a process like IVF greatly improves chances. Women should consider egg freezing to get pregnant at a later time while treating the condition.

3.Treating ovarian cysts

Endometriosis is not the only reproductive issue to think about. Serious ovarian cysts affect 8% of women and are one of the main causes of infertility. Cysts are sacs filled with liquid that emerge on and around the ovaries. Multiple cysts can also grow on the ovaries, causing polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Similar to endometriosis, couples should consider egg freezing to get pregnant with the disease. Extracting multiple eggs allows for multiple attempts of pregnancy through techniques like IVF.

Don’t freeze on egg freezing

With age and fertility issues like endometriosis, the odds of pregnancy are not always in a woman’s favor. Even without fertility issues, choosing to delay pregnancy comes with some risk. Egg freezing is an effective method for getting pregnant later on. Research can even predict the number of eggs needed for successful live births. For couples thinking about egg freezing, speak with a doctor or clinic for the next steps.

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