It’s Time To Consider Donor Eggs

IVF is the best assisted reproductive technique available for some women and couples. But in some cases, IVF alone is not enough. Due to diminished ovarian reserves, damaged ovaries, or advanced age. Donor eggs are eggs given by other women to a fertility clinic, and these eggs are made available to women who cannot conceive naturally. Donor eggs are indeed a marvel and have transformed the IVF procedure. Here are 4 facts every hopeful parent should know in advance.

reunite rx 4 Facts To Know About Using Donor Eggs During IVF Treatment

1. Success Rate

Donor eggs generally have higher success rates. Donor eggs do not change the IVF process. Instead, the fertility clinic will take the donor egg and the partner’s sperm to create an embryo. The embryo is then implanted into the woman’s womb and monitored for pregnancy. Because eggs are unavailable or of low quality, donor eggs improve success rates. On average, donor eggs have an 80% chance of becoming an embryo and a 50% chance of live births.

2. Diversity

You’ll have a say in who the egg donor will be. Egg donors come from a diverse mix of women, and these women have been gracious enough to help other women become mothers. One of the advantages of using an egg donor is that the parents can choose the egg donor. The recipient would not know the name of the donor. However, clinics will often have a collection encompassing height, ethnicity, education, and much more. In some cases, the donor is a family member or friend, and having a say makes the process a bit easier.

3. Age matters with eggs too

Donors are often young, healthy women with no known genetic issues. This criterion, especially age, plays a large part in the success of the pregnancy. The younger the woman, the higher the potential success rate. In essence, older women will take on the reproductive youth of the egg donor.

4. You & Us

You and your partner are the legal parents. While there is no biological tie with the mother, the resulting child belongs to the hopeful parents. Egg donors sign over parental rights to the egg. Egg recipients do not have to worry about a future fallout since these factors are addressed in advance.

Trust the process

Egg donation is a transformative process for many infertile women. These women have no access to eggs or are too old to conceive naturally. As a result, egg donors can significantly improve the success rate of IVF. Hopeful parents using donor eggs will get as many details as possible during the process. Learn all the facts about using donor eggs from a reproductive specialist or fertility clinic.

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