Separating Fact From Fiction: How Ovarian Cysts Affect Family Planning

Unfortunately, ovarian cysts are more common than people think. A pelvic exam can uncover cysts on the ovaries, but what are the effects of cysts on fertility? Uncovering the truth about ovarian cysts can help dispel myths, as well as give couples peace of mind and a renewed sense of confidence in starting a family.

reunite rx 4 Myths About Ovarian Cysts And Fertility

1. Ovarian cysts cause infertility

Ovarian cyst-induced infertility is rare. Most of the time, infertility can be attributed to abnormal semen, as well as reproductive disorders, hormone problems, and previous complicated pregnancies. Ovarian cysts become troublesome when an infection develops, which can lead to scarring and infertility. A doctor’s visit should ease a patient’s worries.

2. Ovarian cysts are cancerous

Cancer and chemotherapy treatments can affect a person’s egg activity and estrogen levels. Many women, unfortunately, think ovarian cysts develop into ovarian cancer. This is not necessarily true. A pelvic ultrasound can reveal if an ovarian cyst should be of concern. A visit to the gynecologist, as early into the family-planning process as possible, can go a long way.

3. Ovarian cysts require surgical removal

Ovarian cysts range in size and shape. Small and benign ovarian cysts can heal without surgical intervention. Surgery is needed when a patient is experiencing extreme pain or has enlarged or abnormally-shaped ovarian cysts.

4. Ovarian cysts only affect older women

Many women believe only older women can get ovarian cysts. Women can get cysts at any age. Older women are at a higher risk of developing cancer from ovarian cysts, however. An early visit to a fertility specialist can help couples plan for a family.

Myths galore

While a common occurrence, ovarian cysts are shrouded in mystery. Ovarian cysts don’t necessarily have a common set of symptoms, making the condition difficult to diagnose. Cysts don’t usually cause pain or irregular menstrual cycles. Couples looking to start a family should make an appointment with a gynecologist to catch any abnormal cysts early.

Meet up with a fertility specialist

Couples can overcome an ovarian cyst diagnosis and get on the road to starting a family as soon as possible. A fertility specialist can give couples realistic health goals and treatment options for improving fertility. Patients should visit a fertility specialist promptly to get a treatment plan started before an ovarian cyst becomes a problem.

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