Fertility and the Mind: Is There A Link?

Williams James published The Principles of Psychology in 1890. In the book James details that human’s reactions are based on four grounding principles: Stream of Consciousness, Emotion, Habit, and Will. The reactions become more noticeable during times of stress. The fertility journey is likely one of the most stressful times a woman can face. The four principles are used to explain behavior, but perhaps can also be used to improve outcomes.

ReUnite Rx 4 Principles of Psychology You Can Use to Improve Your Fertility

1. Stream of Consciousness

Stream of consciousness is the notion that human thought is continuous and fluid. One thought follows another. Events are experienced as mental sequences and not solitary thoughts. How can this help fertility? Think of the mental approach towards becoming pregnant as a set of dominos. Each thought can keep the flow standing, but one wrong move or negative thought can easily cause the entire line to fall over. Positive thoughts keep the dominos upright. Maintaining a positive outlook can make overcoming hurdles that much easier.

2. Emotion

Female fertility seems to increase during months where the mother is happy and relaxed. Emotion is a mental reaction to physical stimuli. Positive stimuli beget positive reactions. Negative stimuli beget negative reactions. The fertility journey can be stressful. Finding activities that encourage relaxation and happiness will prove beneficial. Anything to create an enjoyable atmosphere.

3. Habit

Habits are repeat actions performed over time to achieve desired results. Habits can cause both good and bad outcomes. If the journey towards pregnancy has not been promising, changing the steps surrounding the process could work. Even changing up daily habits could prove beneficial. Changing habits creates new thought patterns in the brain and causes it to be more alert. Alertness can translate to increased energy and mood. And a positive increase in mood has a history of increasing fertility.

4. Will

Will is the desire for a specific outcome despite the likelihood or ability to perform the task. During the fertility journey, maintaining focus on the idea of having a child can help a couple navigate the emotions the process will bring. There is a large group of people who defend the idea of willing something into being. How badly does the individual want it? How hard is the individual willing to work? A strong will can have a positive impact on the fertility outcome.

Positive approach

The human mind is an immensely powerful muscle that navigates actions and emotions. The mental approach towards fertility is just as important as the physical approach. Creating new habits can help reinforce the will to keep going. Maintaining a positive mindset can go a long way in improving fertility.

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