Getting Ready For IVF

Deciding to proceed with in vitro fertilization (IVF) is a big step. The treatment can be emotionally and physically draining and doesn’t always guarantee a baby. However, with the proper preparation, women can ensure that stress is kept to a minimum and the cycle is a success. The following tips are worth considering if IVF is scheduled soon.


1. Knowledge is power

A confident woman is a relaxed patient. Knowing what to expect can make the IVF process so much more enjoyable. When preparing for IVF, women should ask questions about why certain medications are given, when each step of the procedure takes place, and what side effects to expect. Don’t resort to a late-night Google and save questions for the actual doctor. Feeling fully prepared for IVF will allow women and couples to approach the procedure confidently.

2. Diet matters

Most people trying to get pregnant know that vices such as smoking and alcohol should be avoided, but what about diet? The Mediterranean diet has consistently shown positive outcomes in studies looking at effects on fertility. Plenty of protein, dark leafy vegetables, and omega-3 fatty acids have also been proven to increase the chances of pregnancy. A prenatal vitamin with folic acid is an essential purchase before starting IVF. On the other hand, women should steer clear of processed foods, too much caffeine, red meat, and sweetened beverages.

3. Check drugs and supplements

Another essential step to take before starting IVF is a medication review. Many fertility patients take supplements to try to improve fertility, but in some cases, these supplements can interfere with fertility drugs, cause hormone imbalances, and ultimately make treatment less effective. Common over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription medications may have similar effects. Review all medications with the doctor ahead of time and take any fertility medications on time and exactly as prescribed for the greatest chance of success.

4. Stay stress-free

Although easier said than done, eliminating or reducing stress before and during fertility treatment can make a big difference. Ask a partner or trusted friend to come to appointments. Offload non-fertility tasks such as housecleaning, childcare, and grocery shopping as much as possible. Make a concentrated effort to relax. Whether the preference is yoga, a nice long walk, meditation, or a comfort show on the couch, staying stress-free is critical to IVF success.

Approach IVF prepared

Women opting for IVF understandably want to do everything possible to have a baby. Although some factors are out of the patient’s control, focusing on other considerations, such as stress level and diet, is essential. Ask the right questions and ensure the correct medications are taken as directed. A prepared and knowledgeable patient is sure to be a success story.

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