Getting More Than You Bargained For

Since the 1980s, statistics show that twin birth rates in the US have almost doubled. The number remained steady for years, and many doctors believe that this is due to IVF. In vitro fertilization does something natural conception can’t. The process can dictate the number of embryos implanted. That means some hopeful parents get double the joy.

reunite rx Are Twins More Common With IVF Treatment

Yes, twins are more common with IVF

The goal of IVF is to give infertile couples struggling to succeed a fair shot at pregnancy. To do so, a fertility clinic develops mature embryos using eggs and sperm. A doctor then implants the embryo into the woman’s uterus for a possible pregnancy. In the past, fertility clinics implanted multiple embryos into the uterus. This practice increased the chances of twins and multiple births significantly. Today, some fertility clinics choose to implant one embryo per cycle instead, bringing the cases close to normal.

With eSET, it’s becoming less common

Fertility clinics and doctors alike discourage multiple births through IVF treatment since having twins poses a threat to both mother and baby. Babies tend to be premature and prone to genetic complications. To combat this trend, the clinic may offer eSET or elective single embryo transfer. The process involves transferring a solitary mature embryo with the goal of a singleton pregnancy. Even with eSET, the egg can split into two and still create twins. The chances of twins with a single embryo reduce significantly but can be higher than a natural pregnancy.

Can I ask for twins?

The fact that IVF increases the chances of multiples is common knowledge. A few hopeful parents, with this in mind, ask for twins. Asking for twins with IVF is not unreasonable. Some couples are at an advanced age and want to speed up family planning. Other couples want to maximize the cost of IVF or have aspirations of having twins. The clinic will advise patients of the potential dangers of trying for multiples. With that said, multiple embryos or not, the possibility of twins is not entirely within the clinic’s control.

Understand the risks

The goal of many hopeful parents is to get pregnant. With IVF, there is a high possibility of having twins compared to natural conception. IVF procedures usually involve implanting multiple embryos, but single embryo transfers restrict the chances of multiples. For any concerns about multiples, speak with the doctor or fertility clinic of choice for more support.

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