A Permanent Form Of Contraception

Most contraceptives for men come with the caveat that pregnancy is still possible, but a vasectomy may be the exception. Vasectomies are surgical procedures that prevent sperm from leaving the body. A surgeon will cut or tie the vas deferens that transport sperm from the testes. Nothing else changes, but the man will now have azoospermia. About 500,000 men choose vasectomies every year with a near 100% effectiveness rate.

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Can you change your mind?

There are cases where a man would change his mind after a vasectomy. These feelings could be confusing as most believe there is no turning back. A vasectomy is a form of sterilization that’s meant to be permanent. However, that does not mean that having another biological child is impossible. The available options are a vasectomy reversal or intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) using sperm retrieval.

A vasectomy reversal

For men with a change of heart, a vasectomy reversal or vasovasostomy is an option. A skilled surgeon uses microscopic tools to reconnect the vas deferens. A vasectomy reversal is a complicated procedure with several risks. While the process works, some men will need several months or even years for proper sperm function. The success rates for pregnancy are also significantly lower. Others may experience permanent scarring, making conceiving naturally near impossible.

Fertility options with ICSI

A procedure like ICSI is one of the best ways for men with vasectomies to have another child. ICSI is a modified form of in vitro fertilization (IVF). A fertility clinic takes one healthy sperm to combine with an egg. This process is delicate but creates a healthy embryo that the clinic can then implant into a woman’s womb. Unused embryos are frozen for future use or multiple IVF cycles.

Sperm retrieval

The testes still produce millions of healthy sperm. A more straightforward option than a vasectomy reversal is to retrieve a sperm sample for ICSI. Sperm retrieval is best when a lot of time has passed since the vasectomy. The doctor aspirates the sperm from the testicles using a tiny needle. The procedure is minimally invasive and happens with the man under general anesthesia. Then, the samples go to the fertility clinic to create embryos using ICSI. Statistics show that pregnancy rates can be as high as 69%.

Hope after vasectomy

Every man with a vasectomy should be able to reconsider. Having children again is possible with sperm retrieval and ICSI. This procedure has a higher chance of success than a vasovasostomy in many cases. Several factors must be considered, including the age of both partners and reproductive health. The medical team’s advice can help men come to the best decision possible.

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