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Couples struggling to conceive can often turn to affordable and convenient fertility tests that can be performed from the comfort of a person’s home. A range of fertility tests and apps for men and women can be a practical option for many couples looking to find reproductive abnormalities. For an accurate analysis of sperm, eggs, and the entire reproductive system, couples should officially diagnose fertility issues with a specialist.

ReNue Rx Can I Take A Fertility Test At Home When To See A Doctor

Who can take fertility tests at home?

Fertility testing at home offers numerous advantages for couples who don’t have a specialist nearby or are uncertain about visiting one in person. Individuals may be hesitant about visiting a doctor due to cultural or religious reasons. Fertility testing is commonly performed after a couple has been unable to get pregnant for 12 months. At-home tests can uncover potential issues before the 12-month mark for anyone who needs an answer.

At-home fertility test kits

At-home fertility test kits for men and women assess the quality of sperm and levels of the follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), respectively. Fertility testing for men can determine sperm motility. Poor motility can signal infertility. Some smartphone-based kits can also analyze a sperm sample using the phone’s camera. Fertility testing for women involves using a urine stick during the third day of a woman’s menstrual cycle. FSH levels determine egg quantity and quality.

At-home kits and lab testing

Fertility testing at home can bring peace of mind to couples who are worried about fertility problems. Not only is fertility testing at home convenient, but testing at home offers a more private and comfortable feel compared to analysis in a medical setting. If a test is positive for irregularities, however, lab testing for improved accuracy is a must. Lab testing provides a more comprehensive and definitive analysis compared to at-home tests.

Fertility clinics to the rescue

Fertility clinics offer men and women a range of reproductive assistance treatment options based on the cause of infertility. Doctors can perform a variety of physical exams, hormone tests, and more to determine a specific cause and come up with an effective plan to improve the chances of getting pregnant. For more information about fertility testing, speak with a healthcare provider or fertility specialist.

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