How Laser Acupuncture Is Different

Laser acupuncture uses traditional acupuncture points with low-level laser stimulation to activate certain areas. In the medical world, laser acupuncture has many usages for pain, postoperative nausea and vomiting, and headaches. In addition, fertility outcomes can be improved with laser acupuncture. This type of acupuncture increases implantation rates.

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The traditional treatment for enhanced fertility rate

Studies have shown the benefit of laser acupuncture for couples struggling with fertility in the past few years. A study showed women with fertility issues achieved pregnancy success with the help of laser acupuncture. The study further demonstrated that some women had successful live births with low-level laser therapy. This therapy works by increasing blood flow to the uterus to ensure pregnancy occurs. Artificial reproductive technology (ART) combined with the therapy had a better outcome than ART alone.

Other interesting findings of the therapy

The therapy gives out more positive findings in other areas of the body. Some positive results include improvement in appetite, concentration, daily living, and sleeping habits. There was also an improvement in reproductive health, such as improving the quality of ovarian follicles and endometrium thickening. Pain-related health issues such as headaches and eye pain showed improvements as well.

Not only for women but also an aid for men

There are various reasons for infertility, and female factors are not the only ones. Factors for men could also be the reason for couples with infertility issues. Besides modern medicine, laser acupuncture may also help men with infertility problems. One study demonstrated that men with autoimmune infertility can show improvement after applying this therapy. The therapy helps in improving sperm fertility.

Further studies on men’s infertility

Other research has demonstrated how laser acupuncture can help improve male infertility. Semen quality and sperm mobility and morphology improved with this traditional therapy. Also, sperm volume and count improved significantly in men.

The downside of the therapy

The overall therapy seems pain-free with no adverse side effects reported, as demonstrated in studies so far. Although there is a pregnancy success with this type of therapy, the live birth rates are not always successful. Some women experience successful live births while some do not. This situation fluctuates from case to case and on other lifestyle factors. Consult with a doctor to know all the benefits and risks of going through the procedure.

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