Are You Considering Egg Retrieval?

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a fertility treatment that creates embryos outside the uterus. The egg extraction process starts with the woman first stimulating the ovaries with hormone medication. Next, the mature eggs are extracted in a simple in-office procedure and combined with sperm. The embryos are then implanted into the uterus to achieve pregnancy. Women can also have eggs retrieved and frozen to be used later. Infertility is the primary reason 9% of couples extract eggs for IVF. However, 4 other conditions can benefit from this process.

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1. Can I retrieve my eggs before cancer treatment?

Cancer treatments are life-saving but come with serious consequences. Chemotherapy wreaks havoc on the body. For women holding on to the prospect of having a family one day, IVF is an option. Some specialists recommend that women extract eggs for cryopreservation before starting chemotherapy. Some women also have reproductive-specific cancer, reducing live birth rates further. After the patient’s recovery, the fertility team can thaw the frozen eggs, create embryos, and continue with IVF.

2. Illnesses complicate fertility

Egg retrieval is also helpful for women with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) and other illnesses that impact fertility. In studies, 28% of women with SLE had a successful birth with IVF. Women with lupus who experience infertility can use egg retrieval and IVF as a way to conceive. Some women are also concerned about the risk of passing on genetic disorders. Egg retrieval allows for preimplantation genetic testing, thus increasing the chances of having a healthy baby.

3. Is early menopause a reality?

Early menopause is another change that affects fertility. The younger the patient is, the more likely conception is since the ovarian reserve is the highest. However, if there is a chance of early menopause, egg extraction can help. There are also other reproductive issues besides early menopause, such as ovulation disorders, endometriosis, fibroids, and unexplained infertility. These conditions make pregnancy more complex. Egg extraction takes a proactive role in future family planning.

4. It’s personal

Egg extraction can also help women who plan to get pregnant later in life. Some women building a career prefer to put eggs on ice for later use. Egg freezing can also be done based on the personal preference of the patient, current relationship status, or even transitioning to another gender. IVF can also be integral for same-sex relationships. In a sense, this technique can be seen as a new-age form of family planning.

Exciting news for egg retrieval

Whether the reason is personal or medical, there are options available thanks to modern medicine. Egg extraction is becoming widely available, more cost-effective, and accepted in society. Visiting a fertility clinic or doctor can give patients the knowledge, tools, and opportunities to have a family. Egg extraction and IVF allow women and couples to have families despite these conditions.

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