Can A Supplement Get You Pregnant?

The struggle to conceive is real. About 12% of couples experience infertility. As a result, companies capitalize on the needs of anxious women and men. Fertility vitamins and supplements are readily accessible and promise to help bring a bundle of joy. But can a supplement help with infertility?

ReUnite Rx Fertility Vitamins: Can Supplements Help With Infertility?

Supplements support, not save

Fertility treatments are long, stressful, and very expensive. If there was a cheaper, faster way to conceive, any couple would try. Fertility vitamins and supplements usually boast a mix of herbs and natural ingredients. The vitamins claim to help men and women in regulating periods, improving sperm quality, and balancing hormones. While supplements can help improve overall health, these pills alone cannot treat underlying conditions that cause infertility.

Helpful supplements for reproductive health

A healthy diet, exercise, and lifestyle should be enough for most couples to conceive. If couples are still unable to get pregnant, the issue may be deeper. Nevertheless, some vitamins and supplements found in food have gone through studies with positive results. For instance, increasing omega-3 showed a positive effect on male infertility. A CoQ10 controlled study showed increased egg release and embryo health in women. Folic acid proved to be useful for men and women. Other supplements like l-carnitine can have positive results on female fertility.

An IVF vitamin ally

Vitamin D may have a positive impact on in vitro fertilization (IVF). A group of studies compared women with the required supply of vitamin D versus deficient candidates. The women with more vitamin D had higher pregnancy and live birth rates. Studies continue on the subject, but the initial results look promising.

More harm than good?

Taking some supplements can actually reduce fertility chances. If a patient or couple takes certain medications, a supplement may create an adverse reaction. Furthermore, some antioxidants end up causing oxidative stress when used in excess. For couples deciding on fertility vitamins, review the ingredients and consult a physician or pharmacist before mixing with medicine.

Beware of miracle pills

Fertility vitamins and supplements can help support health. Get a second opinion on which is best. Even before using supplements, let the doctor know about problems conceiving. A physician or pharmacist can provide information for couples on the best treatments and supplements to boost fertility.

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