Is Fertility A Numbers Game?

Some people seem to get pregnant without much fuss. Others can’t seem to get pregnant naturally after months of trying. Even with perfect health, a 30-year-old woman has a 20% chance to become pregnant naturally. So when men and women turn 30, finding ways to increase fertility is crucial. Improving fertility past 30 is even more important since 20% of American women get pregnant after 35. Luckily, there are some steps women and men can take to increase the chances of getting pregnant.

reunite rx How Can I Increase My Fertility After Age 30?

Diet is everything

Can eating improve fertility? A diet filled with folic acid, zinc, vitamin B12, and omega-3s can significantly improve fertility in couples with no known issues. Trans fats, processed meats, red meats, and sugars have the opposite effect. Establishing a healthy diet with more green vegetables and fruits is one of the easiest ways to improve fertility.

Reduce your stress

Without a doubt, infertility causes stress. But does stress cause infertility? The numbers say yes. In a controlled study, women who had higher stress levels took 29% longer to get pregnant. Guys aren’t exempt from stress either. Find ways to reduce stress with activities like exercise, meditation, and yoga.

Leave alcohol and smoking behind

Smoking and alcohol consumption has a direct impact on fertility. Smokers are twice as likely to be infertile compared to non-smokers. The same goes for alcohol use. Excess alcohol consumption reduces sperm count and increases fertility complications in women. After 30, quitting both activities can significantly improve pregnancy chances.

Manage your weight

More than 40% of Americans are considered overweight, and there is a negative relationship between weight gain and pregnancy. Chances are, there is some overlap between obesity and infertility statistics. For men, additional weight decreases testosterone which is crucial for producing healthy sperm. Women will also struggle to get and stay pregnant. Losing just 5% of body weight can increase fertility. Speak with a trainer and dietician for the best steps.

Stock up on your supplements

A proper diet should help with providing the vitamins and minerals needed for better fertility. Yet, adding some supplements could help even more. Magnesium, for instance, is essential for almost every function in the body, but infertile women are often deficient. Other essential supplements include CoQ10, vitamin C, selenium, and acetyl L-carnitine. Speak with a compounding pharmacist to create a supplement that can provide all these essentials.

Consider speaking with your doctor

When all else fails, talking to a doctor is a great way to increase fertility, specifically a reproductive endocrinologist. These are doctors that specialize in fertility and fertility techniques like IUI and IVF. While these techniques may not be necessary, the doctor can assess one’s current reproductive health. The doctor can highlight any health issues impacting fertility so that the couple can take the needed precautionary steps.

Ready to get pregnant?

Getting pregnant over 30 is becoming an increasing reality for women and men. Many are delaying starting a family to pursue careers. Improving fertility over 30 is crucial to increase the chances of pregnancy and avoid methods like IUI and IVF. Proper self-care through diet, exercise, weight management, and stress reduction can make conceiving easier. For more information about fertility, speak with a fertility specialist.

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