This Chronic Illness Can Affect Your Fertility

Male-factor infertility is not talked about as much as female infertility.  Chronic illnesses have been on the rise, and these illnesses can impact male fertility. Hypertension is one such condition that can impair fertility. By understanding hypertension, hopeful male parents can take steps to improve the chances of success.

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What is hypertension?

Blood circulates through the body at an average of 45 seconds, some 10,000 times per day. During the process, the blood applies pressure on the walls of blood vessels, like arteries and veins. Hypertension is also known as high blood pressure, where the blood circulates outside of the body’s safe zones. Doctors and nurses measure blood pressure using systolic and diastolic pressure figures. For instance, good blood pressure would be less than 120/80, and hypertension would be 140/90 and above. Hypertension affects at least 1 in 3 adult males in America and could lead to a range of complications if left unchecked.

Why high blood pressure matters

The body needs the right balance of pressure to function effectively. High blood pressure indicates there could be an underlying issue. Furthermore, the stress caused by hypertension can lead to more severe complications. Kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, heart disease, and stroke are common results of hypertension. These conditions are life-threatening, so getting blood pressure under control is critical.

Hypertension may reduce sperm quality

There is a direct relation between sperm quality and hypertension. For a successful pregnancy, healthy sperm must fertilize an egg during conception. For sperm to be healthy, the man must produce sperm with an adequate concentration, quality, and motility. Studies have shown that men with hypertension are more likely to produce poor-quality sperm. There may also be a lower sperm count, which is critical for pregnancy. Hypertension can damage the testes, increases oxidative stress, affect hormone production and sperm production.

Making the right changes for fertility

Blood pressure medication can help the condition in the short term. However, men hoping to start a family will need a long-term solution to hypertension. Lifestyle changes can bring about the desired result over time. A healthy diet, moderate exercise, removing smoking and alcohol, and stress reduction techniques can help. Review work and other physical activities and reduce activities that may be damaging the body. These changes can help with a doctor’s guidance.

Get hypertension under control.

Male fertility should not be taken lightly. Men, too, feel anxious, depressed, and hopeless if there are no signs of pregnancy. Chronic illnesses like hypertension can affect fertility, so getting regular checks are vital. If these fail, there could be another underlying cause of infertility. A reproductive endocrinologist can take over to find the root cause and provide fertility treatment. From there, lifestyle changes and the proper medication can help.

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