The ART Of Fertility

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is crucial for couples or individuals who have tried to get pregnant without success. This assisted reproductive technology (ART) combines a sperm and egg sample to form an embryo in a lab. The fertility doctor then transfers the best embryo into the uterus to improve the chances of pregnancy. IVF has high success rates, but several factors can influence the outcome of the procedure. For many people, the right supplements can make a big difference in the overall success of ART treatment.


The power of supplements

In vitro fertilization requires many moving parts. Both parties must produce healthy eggs and sperm to create viable embryos. The woman also needs a healthy reproductive system to receive and carry the embryo. During IVF, the fertility doctor will often recommend specific, non-negotiable vitamins and minerals. These 3, in particular, may improve ART’s success rate and overall outcome.

1. Consider CoQ10

Many fertility doctors recommend patients take coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), also called ubiquinone. CoQ10 is a naturally occurring substance in every cell of the body. This compound is also a fat-soluble antioxidant capable of reducing oxidative stress and free radicals in the body. Both men and women can benefit from CoQ10. The antioxidant may protect eggs and sperm from damage, increasing the chances of healthy embryos. Studies show that CoQ10 supplementation can double the chances of live birth in sub-fertile women.

2. Folic acid is non-negotiable

A doctor will recommend folic acid for both natural pregnancies and couples going through ART, and for a good reason. This B vitamin is essential for cell growth and development, especially during pregnancy. In other words, high levels of folic acid can improve embryo health, fertility, and enhance ovulation. As folic acid helps with cell development, men and women with low levels during pregnancy are at risk of a neural tube defect (NTD) in the child. Doctors recommend about 400 micrograms daily. However, this may vary depending on the patient.

3. Vitamin D for fertility

Most people think of vitamin D as the go-to vitamin for healthy bones and muscles. Yet, there are many other functions this vitamin can help with. Like CoQ10, vitamin D has antioxidant properties that improve the overall quality of sperm and eggs. Studies show that most couples of reproductive ages are significantly deficient in vitamin D. These studies also show that vitamin D is present in all the reproductive materials, including the ovaries, placenta, eggs, and sperm. That makes this vitamin non-negotiable.

Supplement to a successful pregnancy

While a live birth is not always guaranteed, IVF is the most effective way to help with infertility. During the process, the goal is to improve the chances of a successful pregnancy. There are benefits to many vitamins and minerals. However, compounds like CoQ10, folic acid, and vitamin D can be game changers during fertility treatment. These, along with a healthy diet, stress reduction, and exercise, help prepare the mind and body for IVF. As a result, the medical team will have a higher chance of creating viable embryos, possibly leading to a successful pregnancy.

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