Dealing With The Green-Eyed Monster

For hopeful couples who want to start a family, dealing with infertility is emotional. Feelings of jealousy and envy over someone else’s pregnancy are incredibly common. In today’s world of technology and social media, escaping can feel impossible. But taking care of emotional health is crucial when a couple is having trouble getting pregnant.

ReUnite rx Infertility Jealousy Dealing With The Emotions Of Pregnancy Difficulty

Your feelings are valid

Jealousy is normal. The first step for struggling couples is to try to release guilt around feeling jealous. Experts advise that ignoring or trying to push feelings down will not change the emotions. Repression could make things worse. Instead of trying to swallow feelings of disappointment, accept that all these thoughts are valid. A woman can express happiness for a friend who is pregnant while still acknowledging that there is sadness or disappointment over not being the one to get pregnant.

Keep your healthy habits

During times of stress, people often feel unmotivated to continue regular routines. However, many of those routines and habits help people feel better. Exercising regularly, eating nutritious meals, and sleeping enough can all help people manage stress better. In times of emotional difficulty, practices like journaling or meditating can be particularly helpful. Additionally, distractions from infertility treatments are often a welcome way to unwind.

Avoid triggers

Taking care of mental health can include avoiding known triggers. Just like someone who is quitting smoking needs to avoid triggering situations, couples dealing with infertility need to do the same. For example, if going to a baby shower or buying a baby gift is too painful, give permission to take a pass on these events. Sending a gift certificate and a card can help avoid hurt feelings while still honoring those difficult emotions.

Seek extra support

Feeling alone is one of the most common struggles of infertility. However, many people across the country are experiencing the same thing. Consider finding a support group to build relationships with couples who are having similar experiences. Many couples also benefit from talking with a therapist, either alone or as a couple. Therapists can be a safe space for individuals to vent, process, and grieve.

Work with a fertility specialist

Undergoing fertility treatments can be highly stressful. However, many fertility treatment options can provide couples with the hope of becoming pregnant. An important step is to find a fertility specialist to build trust with. These healthcare providers can provide recommendations for treatment to help couples overcome infertility. For more information, speak with a healthcare provider or fertility specialist.

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