Enduring The Two-Week Wait

For couples struggling with infertility, the waiting period to find out if treatments work can cause a lot of anxiety. While the only way to know for sure if treatment worked is to wait 2 weeks for a positive pregnancy test, there are some signs and symptoms of pregnancy to watch for. Particularly after intrauterine insemination (IUI) women can watch for some specific signs.

ReUnite Rx IUI vs Traditional Pregnancy 4 Signs of Pregnancy After IUI Treatment

Signs of a positive pregnancy

For many couples, waiting the two weeks after IUI treatment can cause some anxiety. Here are 4 signs to watch for after IUI treatment.

1. Spotting isn’t necessarily bad

When looking for signs of pregnancy, any sight of blood can be disconcerting. However, when a blastocyst implants, some cells in the uterus are naturally dislodged from the lining. After the missed period, these cells may appear as slight bleeding or spotting. This spotting will often be light pink or light brown rather than the red of a normal menstrual period.

2. Cramping can be confusing

Cramps can sometimes be the signal of an impending period. However, after IUI, cramping after implantation is very common, affecting around a third of women. Some women describe this sensation as a pinching or tingling at the lower abdomen.

3. Traditional signs of pregnancy apply

After an IUI procedure, many of the early signs of pregnancy are the same as those of a traditional pregnancy. For example, breast tenderness, bloating, upset stomach, and exhaustion can all be signs of pregnancy. However, these symptoms vary from woman to woman and are not necessarily consistent. The only way to know for sure is a positive pregnancy test.

4. Discharge is normal

Any kind of discharge after IUI can lead to questions. However, vaginal discharge after the IUI treatment is extremely common. Typically, this discharge is cervical mucus that has dislodged during the procedure and is nothing to worry about.

Speak with a fertility specialist

Couples struggling to conceive can speak with a fertility specialist about IUI and other fertility treatments. A healthcare provider can inform a couple regarding expectations and success rates of IUI procedures.

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