Common Fertility Acronyms

Couples who face difficulties in conceiving go through reproductive procedures that are recommended by the healthcare professional. When visiting a family doctor, patients often hear about various unfamiliar fertility acronyms and terms. To get a better understanding of the acronyms and terms, doctors can help in getting familiar with the common acronyms. Once patients are comfortable with the acronyms and terms, the treatment process is clearer.

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ART: Assisted reproductive technology: a technology that helps to treat infertility. These procedures involve taking eggs and fertilizing with sperm in the lab to make embryos. The embryos are then put inside a woman’s uterus. The most common type of ART is IVF.

IVF: In vitro fertilization: a reproductive procedure that helps couples with fertility issues to have a baby. The process involves eggs that are fertilized by sperm in the lab which is then transferred to the uterus.

AH: Assisted hatching: an extra procedure performed during in vitro fertilization. After an embryo is formed, the embryo’s outer shell needs to be released from its shell for pregnancy to happen. However, with assisted hatching, cracks are created in the outer area of the embryo before placing inside the uterus. This process tends to increase the chances of pregnancy.

IUI: Intrauterine insemination: a fertility procedure that involves placing the sperm inside a woman’s uterus during ovulation.

ICSI: Intracytoplasmic sperm injection: a technique where the sperm is injected directly into a mature egg.

HSG: Hysterosalpingogram: a radiological procedure where an x-ray is taken to check the well-being of the fallopian tubes and uterus. This process is performed after menses end but before ovulation begins and takes less than 5 minutes.

HCG: Human chorionic gonadotropin: a hormone produced by cells during pregnancy.

TTC: Trying to conceive: couples who may have fertility issues and are trying to conceive.

SA: Semen analysis: one of the steps to evaluate infertility issues is to assess semen analysis. In a semen analysis, the sperm is assessed for any abnormalities.

SI: Secondary infertility: the inability to conceive after having at least one baby.

PI: Primary infertility: the inability to conceive without any previous childbirth.

MF: Male factor infertility: means the reason for infertility is because of the male partner. Male infertility is due to various reasons such as low sperm count, abnormal sperm function, or any possible hindrance.

REI: Reproductive endocrinologist and infertility: these who are obstetrician/gynecologist physicians that specialize in reproduction therapy.

Getting more familiarized with acronyms

Although a brief of fertility acronyms has been discussed here, being familiar with other acronyms is not a bad idea. The fertility acronyms are not always relevant to each patient, but asking a doctor is recommended when feeling overwhelmed. Healthcare professionals help and guide each patient through the fertility process.

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