Is Your Fashion Sense Hurting Your Fertility?

Men struggle with fertility just as much as women. The ability to have healthy sperm has become a hot topic with about 30% of men seeing a doctor for help. The reasons for infertility range from poor hormone production to skinny jeans. Yes, what’s gone from a fad to now commonplace is touted as a reason for poor fertility. Is this claim true? Can what a man wears cause a low sperm count?

renue rx Skinny Jeans _ Infertility Can What You Wear Cause Low Sperm Count

Fertility comes down to quality

A few factors need to be in place for men to have healthy sperm. Men need a healthy sperm count of at least 15 million sperm per milliliter of semen. The sperm also need to be a healthy size, shape, and strong enough to swim to the egg. Hormones like testosterone, follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), and luteinizing hormone (LH) determine sperm quality. There are several reasons why sperm quality can decline and one is related to temperature.

Why all the heat on skinny jeans?

The testicles are responsible for making sperm. Studies show that the ideal temperature for making sperm is at least 1-2 degrees less than body temperature. This is the reason why scientists believe the testicles descend from the rest of the body. Studies have shown that when testicles are exposed to higher temperatures, the quality of sperm decreases. Common reasons include laptops, briefs, yoga pants, hot tubs, hot manufacturing plants, and heated seats. Skinny jeans and tight underwear constrict the testicles and potentially raise the temperature over time.

Should you ditch the skinnies?

The actual studies on the relationship are varied. Some reveal that tight trousers and underwear do hurt sperm. Others believe that skinny jeans and low sperm count are anecdotal. Yet, the fact remains, heat equal to or more than the body’s temperature does sperm production no good. Sperm quality does not mean men can never conceive with partners. However, if several months have passed without success, put away the skinny jeans as a precaution. The testicles can take several weeks to produce sperm so keeping things cool for a few months is ideal.

Check your doctor

If all else fails, see an endocrinologist or reproductive endocrinologist. These doctors can schedule tests to check the testicles, sperm count, and sperm quality. If there is a medical issue, the doctor can recommend surgery, medication, or assisted reproductive technology (ART). These options can help if there’s no improvement after making fashion and lifestyle changes.

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