A Helping Hand During IVF

Receiving a diagnosis of infertility can be frustrating, but with in vitro fertilization (IVF), pregnancy is possible. Although hope is renewed with fertility treatment, the procedure can be both physically and emotionally challenging. During IVF, friends and family members can offer support in various ways. From helping around the house to attending appointments, loved ones can make a big difference during fertility treatment.


1. Help at home

Women undergoing IVF have multiple items to keep straight. Filling prescriptions, administering perfectly timed shots, and scheduling numerous appointments can be a real handful. With so much focus on treatment, tasks at home can fall by the wayside. People who want to help can drop off dinner or pick up an older child from school. Depending on the relationship, offering to clean the house, start a load of laundry, or stock the fridge may be appropriate. Always ask the woman or couple what would be most helpful before proceeding with household tasks.

2. A shoulder to cry on

Infertility is an emotional rollercoaster, and treatment can often make emotions run wild. Many women experience anxiety while undergoing IVF, constantly worrying that the transfer won’t work. Other individuals may have stress related to balancing appointments with everyday life, the cost of treatment, or the physical demands. Whatever the concern, having a friend or family member who is truly available to listen can help. Leave any judgment at the door and offer to hear the woman out. If a solution is desired, try to help without adding additional stress.

3. Medical support

Shots and blood draws are a necessary part of most IVF protocols. For women who are medically squeamish, this can be the worst part of fertility treatment. Support people with a background in the medical field can offer help with shots. Other individuals who aren’t as experienced in shot giving may find that holding a hand during a blood draw is a better option. Some patients may need help finding the correct prescriptions at local pharmacies. In this case, a friend offering to call around to check availability and pricing can be a huge help.

4. Attend appointments together

Single women pursuing IVF can especially benefit from support at appointments. This person can help listen to any information shared by the doctor, take notes, ask questions, and offer a hand to hold during procedures. Even for women with partners, the appointments can add up, and a husband or boyfriend may only be able to make some visits, especially if an appointment falls during the workday. Share calendars and determine when assistance is most needed.

Small acts add up

Other meaningful ways to support a woman undergoing IVF include small treats, a surprise coffee, a nice handwritten card, or a friendly text checking in. Small gestures can make a big difference, especially for women who may not need as much physical support.

Your support matters

As an outsider, many individuals may feel like there is little to be done regarding support. However, support from friends and family can make a big difference during fertility treatment. Helping at home, offering a listening ear, providing medical support, and attending appointments are all ways to support a person undergoing IVF to get pregnant.

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