Traveling For Fertility Treatment

There are many reasons a person may need in vitro fertilization (IVF) to get pregnant. Couples diagnosed with infertility, people who identify as LGBTQ+, and individuals pursuing single parenthood can all benefit from this fertility treatment. Sometimes, traveling to a different state for IVF is the best way to get pregnant.

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1. Lower costs

An IVF cycle can be expensive. Fertility clinics in other states may offer the procedure at a slightly different price. In some cases, traveling out of state may be cheaper overall. Call ahead to get a price estimate from the clinic, and determine if the cost of medication is included in the calculation.

2. More advanced technology

Not all IVF clinics offer the same services. Some focus on just egg retrieval and embryo transfer, while others can provide additional testing. One such example is intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), where sperm is injected directly into the egg. Preimplantation genetic testing (PGD) is another add-on service during IVF that can provide more information about the future baby’s health. People looking for more advanced technology options might benefit from an out-of-state clinic.

3. Shorter wait times

In vitro fertilization is in high demand, with many people seeking the procedure year-round. For couples who have struggled with infertility for years, or people eager to start a family now, waiting even a few weeks can feel like forever. In states with more clinics and staff, the chance of being seen for an initial consultation sooner may be a possibility. Always call ahead to determine when the first appointment might be.

4. A supportive environment

Fertility treatment requires physical and mental strength, so people planning this procedure should be in the best mindset possible. For some, the best support network may be out of state. If a person lives in one state with a partner who frequently travels for work, relocating to another state with friends and family nearby may make sense. Other people may benefit from a change of scenery, enjoying IVF in a sunnier climate or less remote area. Pursuing an out-of-state clinic may be the best option if a change can benefit the patient’s health.

Travel logistics

Although there are many reasons to consider an out-of-state fertility clinic, the process is not always easy. Flights and hotels should be booked well in advance. Patients should make sure any bloodwork or testing previously done locally can be transferred to the new clinic. Returning home after treatment is another plan worth discussing with the fertility doctor ahead of time. Whether traveling by car or plane, the clinic should be able to inform the patient of any post-transfer restrictions that may be in place.

New state, new baby

Although each situation is unique, the benefits of traveling out of state for IVF are worth it for some patients. Whether the concern is cost, technology, availability, or support, a new clinic may be just the thing needed. To build a family, consider all fertility options available before scheduling an initial appointment.

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