Infertility: It’s Time To Break The Silence

In the United States alone, around 11% of women and 9% of men of reproductive age experience some form of fertility problem. Even though this is such a common problem, there are many aspects of infertility that are seldom discussed. Here are some of the issues related to infertility which need to be talked about more.

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When the tears fall: the emotional aspect of infertility

Infertility can be emotionally consuming for people who are trying to start a family. These emotions are often intensified by feelings of guilt or shame. This is why it’s important for individuals to discuss infertility openly with their partners, friends, and family so that the painful feelings do not lead to isolation.

Sleepless nights and lost appetite: the mental aspect

Infertility, particularly the initial phase, can cause some feeling which may seem irrational. For example, a woman who is infertile may feel jealousy or anger when a relative or friend becomes pregnant. Some women may also experience depression or anxiety. Infertility can also be mentally exhausting for women who are trying to decide which is the best option for fertility treatment.

The infertility journey

Unfortunately, fertility treatments are not right for everyone. When a person is talking to someone about their experience of infertility, it’s wrong to assume that the same options are available. For example, IVF may not be a viable treatment option for someone with male factor infertility, or if this is an option, additional treatment such as intracytoplasmic sperm injections (ICSI) may be required.

Why is infertility such a taboo?

For many women, infertility is difficult to discuss because of feelings of shame, guilt, embarrassment, and inadequacy. Sometimes even doctors are not empathetic to the emotions a woman is going through. For this reason, it’s important for women with infertility problems to meet with a fertility specialist. Many women keep infertility private because they are afraid that other people will make inappropriate comments, such as it’s just a matter of relaxing or trying harder, this is because of the myth that fertility is not a physical problem.

You’re not alone

Women should not feel afraid to speak out about their infertility. Many women are surprised to find that when the topic is broached, other women admit to going through the same problems. In the case of infertility, it’s empowering for women to feel that they are not alone.

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