Holistic Remedies For Conception: Can Fertility Massage Help?

Fertility massage is an ancient alternative treatment method to increase the chances of pregnancy. While most women may not require massage therapy, individual cases may benefit from any help possible. Fertility massage therapy can indirectly improve the body’s nervous system and improve reproductive function.

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What exactly is a fertility massage?

Fertility massages vary by practitioner but typically include a Swedish massage of the abdomen to provide localized health benefits. Acupressure takes advantage of pressure points to stimulate certain meridians in the body and improve balance. Similarly, reflexology is used to stimulate pressure points on the hands, feet, or ears to promote health benefits.

How do fertility massages increase pregnancy chances?

The history of massages dates back to Indian practices and Chinese medicine. Massages aim to harness the power of touch and pressure to relieve pain and heal the body naturally. Fertility massage, in particular, can improve blood circulation, lymph function, mood, sleep, and digestion.

Fertility improvement for men and women

Fertility massages can help women improve blood flow to the ovaries and uterus. For men, fertility massages can improve circulation to the testicles to aid in sperm production. Stress-relief is one of the most crucial benefits, which can help contribute to overall better health.

Self-fertility massages at home

An experienced massage therapist specializing in fertility massages can provide safe and effective treatment. Self-fertility massages can also be performed at home. A femoral massage involves massaging the inner thigh area while seated. Inguinal, or groin, and abdominal massages can be performed lying down.

Natural fertility remedies

Fertility massages, along with other alternative treatments, can help improve the chances of getting pregnant. A diet full of antioxidants and fiber and low on refined carbs and trans fats is a great start. Regular exercise and maintaining a healthy weight are also significant contributors to a healthy reproductive system.

Part of a comprehensive treatment plant

Fertility massages alone can’t improve a person’s chances of getting pregnant. Stress management, however, is a critical component of increasing the chances of pregnancy. For couples who have had trouble conceiving, any form of stress relief can help. Couples should consult with a fertility specialist first to determine if fertility massages are recommended.

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